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Les cours hebdomadaires du Yoga de l'Energie

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The 18 Mouvements of Naropa

Sunday 4th February 2024

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Following the teachings of Roger Clerc, I'm organising a workshop on the practice of Naropa's Movements: a series of 18 movements of Indian origin which form one of the pillars of Energy Yoga, especially of the 2nd and 3rd degrees.


One of the aims of this specific practice, which partially comes from the martial arts, is to tone up the physical body: while moving, you have a positive effect on your joints, fascia and muscles. The practice also improves the neuro-muscular coordination. Additionally, this series creates specific breathing patterns; it develops attention and concentration. Regular practice of these movements can lead to an invigorating feeling of mental clarity and inner strength. The 18 Naropa Movements purify the physical, energy and mental bodies.


This sequence is named after the great Indian yogi Naropa. This Buddhist Mahasiddha, or siddha (= Tibetan master) of perfection, may have lived in India in the middle of the 10th or during the 11th century.


Join and expenrience the solar energy of the 18 Movements of Naropa!


- 2 Energy Yoga classes of 1hr 15min with all the yoga material available on site;

- snack with Belgian and Japanese flavours in cooperation with the Pâtisserie-Chocolaterie Yasushi Sasaki.

Participants: all ages, all levels but basic knowledge of Energy Yoga is recommended, min. 5, max. 12 yogis!


Language: depending on the participants, FR or EN or in bilingual FR/EN format.

Room: Stockel (Dance studio on the 1st floor, bell "Stockel Art 1er", Avenue Orban 227, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre).

Price: €65 / person.

Deposit: €30 when booking. Balance: €35.

Refund of the balance possible with cancellation no later than 5 days before the workshop.

Price for Le Héron Bleu participants: €60 / person or 2 classes of your card of 30, 10 or 5 sessions.

Deposit: €30 or 1 class from your card of 30, 10 or 5  sessions, when booking. Balance: €30 or 1 session of your card of 30, 10 or 5 sessions. Refund of the balance possible with cancellation no later than 5 days before the workshop.

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