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    The Blue Heron and Yoga

    "The Blue Heron has the power of self-knowledge
    that confers the discovery 
    of his own talents
    and facing its challenges.
    It is the skill to accept all thoughts and all teachings
    without repressing any. "

    This is the quintessence of my yoga experience
    and my yogic teaching.




    Energy Yoga

    In all the sessions, I propose a practice of  Energy Yoga, Roger Clerc lineage: it is  a type of Hatha Yoga of Tibetan origin, characterized by conscious gestures, where firmness is combined with gentleness.

    way to teaching is:
    - attentive: to better adapt the practice to the level and possibilities of each participant, I always keep
      small groups of max. 7, 10 or 12 yogis, depending on the studio where we practice and the level of the participants. I choose very carefully the studios where I teach in order to guarantee min. 7 m2 / yoguis in a welcoming frame. All the high-quality, environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible material is on site; if you prefer to buy your own, you can do so at Le Héron Bleu's Yoga Shop, in full consciousness but without any obligation. At any time I'm happy to share my advice and experience in this matter with you;
    - respectful:  for all postures and movements there are variants accessible to everyone, taking into account the morphology and the history of a person. Classes and workshops are given in French and/or in English, German, Italian, Dutch or even in bilingual format, depending on the participants;
    smiling: I am deeply convinced that we are not in yoga, if we practice in a voluntary way or by wanting to prove something to ourselves or to the others.

    Don't hesitate to discover more by participating in one or more discovery sessions in studio or online, or by watching the videos and photos available in the GALLERY as well as in my Youtube Channel and on my Facebook page!
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    Yoga Shop

    For a special occasion or simply for yourself, Le Héron Bleu offers to you the opportunity to "shop with mindfulness": articles of the highest quality, which therefore have a longer life span and respect for our mother earth as well as for the people, who created them with passion and love. I am happy to advise you and offer you a small selection of yoga materials (mats and transport bags, gymnastic balls, meditation cushions) and decorative items (chimes, angels, hearts, stars and Christmas trees) that have been carefully selected without compromise.


    Discover my suggestions or ask for a personalised offer to find your unique gift, for yourself or your loved ones!

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    About yoga and me

    After practicing several sports, truly varied and sometimes very intense, I discovered yoga at the age of 14. Trained at the Belgian Institute and Academy of Energy Yoga (Roger Clerc lineage), I am a certified yoga teacher, member of the Belgian Francophone Association of Yoga Teachers and Practitioners (A.B.E.P.Y.). With more than 1300 hr of training, I am today in continuous training at the Belgian Academy of Energy Yoga  in Brussels and at the Yoga School of Evian in France.


    I chose the Blue Heron as the symbol of my activity because in the the cultures of the first peoples of the Americas it carries within itself the message of letting go and accepting what is. This message is also at the heart of my yogic practice: it is learning, practicing (and living) in all humility with respect for one's deepest nature and for others, without wanting to demonstrate anything to others or to oneself. If for you also this moment has come, your Yoga moment, I invite you to contact me to discover more.




    Ida Anceschi


    Stockel - Montgomery - Meiser

     Tervuren Park


    and at your place at home / your company
    Mob +32 499 98 89 44

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